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You will get 
🌼 1 x Day use
10 Pads / Pack
245mm Ultra Thin Pads

🌼 1 x Night use
8 Pads / Pack
290mm Ultra Thin Pads

🌼 1 x Extra Long
5 Pads / Pack
420mm Ultra Thin Pads

🌼 2 x PantyLiner
20 Pads / Pack
155mm Ultra Thin Pads

🌼 1 x Korea Cute Storage Pouch
Able choose from 4 design

🌼 Free Shipping for WM only

▪️Product Description▪️

Ultra Soft Negative Ion Sanitary Pad

4 in 1 Functional Chip 

- Contain nano-silver, negative ion, far-infrared and magnetism

- Deodorizing effects, protect skin and antibacterial

Ultra Breathable Surface

- Using 3D cloud technology on its surface layer, it is very comfortable, soft and breathable like a cloud.

- 3D cloud technology is Oh My Day's exclusive technology, which uses a 3D three-dimensional surface layer to reduce the contact area between the sanitary napkin and the skin, but you feel like you are not wearing a sanitary napkin.

- Faster absorption, reduce skin contact area, keep dry and comfortable

- Disinfection protection, Leakage prevention

- High water absorption, diffusion, and air permeability

- Accelerate air circulation, keep dry, breathable and fresh all day

- It is FDA, SGS, ISO and CE certified products.