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Menstrual period is something that all women experience. In a woman's life, she will experience about 40 years and nearly 500 menstrual periods. If five days are used to calculate the length of each menstrual period, then there will be six or seven years in a lifetime.

Some period-related issues, such as cramps and irritability, are sadly unavoidable. The most common problems were overflowing, leaking, itching, foul odour and even skin outbreaks and sensitivities due to chemical reactions from the various napkins was using. 

We have been went through a year of research, data collection and testing. We look for the best material, latest technology and created this Top-quality sanitary pad.

Our Vision is provide you the best period experience and we hope this sanitary pad able help all of the women solve their period related issue during menstrual period ❤

Negative ions

Anti-inflammatory & Deodorizing effects, Have a positive effect on women's physical health

Far infrared rays

Promote blood circulation, Strengthen the metabolism between various tissues, and Improve the body's immunity

Nano silver

Antibacterial, Protects the skin of women's sensitive parts, Prevent itching of the vulva caused by bacteria.

Magnetic power

Speed up the excretion of waste and toxic substances in cells, and Balance endocrine disorders

Four-in-One Functional Chip

Contain Nano-Silver, Negative Ion, Far-Infrared and Magnetism.

Ultra Breathable Surface

The new 3D surface technology reduces the amount of surface that touches your skin

Super Fast Absorption

The fast absorption and increased air circulation keep you drier longer.


I have been in bad allergies reaction using others sanitarypad until I found this, this pad really saves me.


The Sanitary pad is so comfortable, the price acceptable butso much comfortable than others brand I tried.


Terbaikkk barng smpai dengn slmat penghntran yng cepat.


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